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Multi-room setup with stand-alone operation

Hi all,

Very new to all of this and I've been given a task by my boss, so the situation is a configurable office space that can be separated to 3 rooms, the following must be possible:

rooms 1,2 and 3 operating simultaneously as separate meeting rooms running MS teams video calls

rooms 1+2, 2+3 or 1+3 operating together on one call

all rooms 1,2 and 3 running together as one call

can anyone advise me on a really basic level what sort of equipment they would use? and also if you would have a master controller in each room?


  • Couple of videos discussing a way to code this in NetLinx.


    Depending on what else is going on (number of user interfaces, displays, RMS, etc,...) a single master may work.

  • Thanks that's really helpful, the initial plan is for each room to include 1 camera, 1 screen, 1 microphone, 1 touch screen. I was also looking at possible integration of door sensors to only display options available at that time on the touch screens (I.e only make linking 1+2 available when the partition door is open) I was thinking of using a video codec (like can be used with cisco) to join the video feeds together when operating the rooms in joint mode. Do you think this would be possible with netlinx? Right now it's more of a high level overview I'm trying to put together rather than a completed solution.
  • Nothing here that's outside the realm of NetLinx control possibilities. Audit the I/O and wiring requirements then select a master deployment model that best fits the findings. Possibly SVSi NAV and/or the new Precis family of product could be applied for the video "joining" requirement.

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    Excellent, I have drawn a very quick very bad diagram and that is my basic plan, COULD this potentially work with the correct NetLinx coding?


    The points you have mentioned should work perfectly my only question is, could the vibe system be configured to use multiple vibes for one meeting, (I.e. use the camera feed from two or more vibes in the same device feed via a codec etc?)
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