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Massio MKP-108 faulty?

Hi all,

I have a client that has an NX2200 and 6 MKP-108 keypads (amongst a load of other kit). One of the MKP-108 keypads has decided not to show itself to the controller.

I've tried a factory reset, at site, followed by a reboot of the controller - nothing. I then brought it home and found I could do a re-image of the unit (presumably re-loading the factory set firmware), which my controller (NI-4100) was then able to see (it didn't initially), after a reboot. I then took this keypad back to site and the NX-2200 still refuses to see it.

I'm expecting to see it as an unbound device in the list of devices in Netlinx Studio, but it never appears at the client's site.

Is this keypad faulty, or is there something else I can try?




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    Is port 1319 blocked on that network switch port? If you change switch ports with a known good port does it change the behaviour?

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    Shouldn't be, otherwise I won't be able to talk to the controller, and the other five of these keypads wouldn't work either.

    Anyway, it is worth checking out, but I have no access to that part of the network, so I'll need to ask the client's administrator to make sure this isn't blocked.

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    Port blocking on a single port would not impact the other devices on the switch -- only the device connected to the port with the different configuration than the others. The MKP leverages the BIND/UNBIND device "feature" and this relies on zeroconfig/bonjour discovery and that is NOT 1319.

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