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Doorbird door phone integration

Dear All,

has anyone of you ever made an integration between AMX panels and Doorbird door phones?

After the MET-ECOM discontinuation, we don't have something to suggest..



  • HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Harman Integrated Technologies Group (ITG) Posts: 403

    George - what features would you like to integrate? From what I see, there is IP integration with the product, but the video stream is RTSP and the G5 panel does not support that format for motion jpeg. The G5 considerations doc indicates MPEG2-TS over UDP or MJPEG over HTTP as the only video ingest methods for the product.

  • George KrietsepisGeorge Krietsepis Member Posts: 243

    I need to integrate video as well as audio features.
    I should catch which door phone is ringing so then a panel would be able to start a video session over that door phone camera and of course an audio ( speaking ) session over mics.

    In my case, AMX panels are the old G4 NXD-700Vi ones.

    Also I don't need to open the door over the door phone. This is done with a completely independent circuit.


  • HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Harman Integrated Technologies Group (ITG) Posts: 403

    A quick search led me to this POSSIBLE solution -
    1) device communications - there is an IP API

    2) Video - my assumption is that you have Audio/Video breakout box for the panel that wants to receive COMPOSITE. (NXA-AVB)
    a. Use an Ethernet to DVB Transmodulator to convert the RTSP stream into a tv channel.
    b. Use a set top box to decode the correct channel you want to send (which camera)
    c. composite output from STB into your NXA-AVB >> to panel

  • John NagyJohn Nagy CineTouch Product Manager Posts: 1,630

    Seems it would be simpler and cheaper to place an ordinary camera with a compatible stream format at the door, integrate the doorbird's ring and intercom, and open a window to the independent camera in the panels.

  • George KrietsepisGeorge Krietsepis Member Posts: 243

    Thanks for your replies... I think that at the end of the day the video streaming will work with one or another way.
    The problem is the audio part and the two way intercom between the door phone and AMX panel

  • HARMAN_icraigieHARMAN_icraigie Technical Trainer II, Harman Professional University Posts: 580

    Possible through a SIP Gateway?


    As I recall the touch panels always seemed to register without issue to the various bridges I implemented back when I was doing that sort of thing on a regular basis.

    For the record the met-ecom seemed to be a lot more painless to connect through the now discontinued AMX branded Asterisk hardware than a 3rd a party variant for some reason - but that's not an issue here.

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