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Control SONY VPL-PHZ50 (projector) via direct DXlink Connection (HDBaseT)

Hello All,

My first post here and I am wondering if anyone has controlled a Sony projector via HDBaseT through one of the DXLink out ports on a DVX-3155HD.
If so, what do you do to gain said control?
Most of my experience up to this point with projector control has been either via direct serial connection or serial via UTPro RX receivers.
So typically I have a D:P:S callout, data_event establishing baud rate, then button_events for commands.
Can anyone shed light on the proper callouts to control projectors (Sony specifically) via DXLink?

Thank You


  • You don't specifically mention it, but in the projector you have to set the control to the HDBaseT port. Also the baud rate changes. Natively the Sony uses 38400,E,8,1, if you use the HDBaseT port it goes to (I think) 9600,N,8,1.
    Haven't used it myself, though, just noticed it.

  • Thanks richardherman for the response, I did see what you mentioned about the baud rate in another thread in this forum. I did switch the projector to receive RS-232 via HDBaseT. I am just not sure if the baud call out is the usual DATA_EVENT or something else. I have the DPS callout as 6001:1:1, does this look correct? That was the same callout when using a DX Receiver, I do not know if it is supposed to be something different when it's a direct connection.

  • Like I said I haven't used this myself and I wouldn't want to... The DVX x1xx (NI based) is old at this point and If I remember correctly they are not (fully) HDBaseT compatible. If they are, it's most likely just for audio and video and not for anything else. HDBaseT standards have changed quite a bit since the DVX-x1xx was launched and the Sony supports the newest standard. Even if you get it somewhat working, I just would not go through the potential support risks of a setup like this. Just get a DXLink receiver, which you know will work.

    If video (and audio if needed) ARE working, pull an extra RS232 or ethernet cable to the projector and use that for control.

    Now that's just my 2 cents....

  • How would it be called out for the newer NX based series? I don't have any of the newer gear in hand but there is a potential for it to happen. My work place is considering using the NX1200 with a SDX (DXLINK) switcher, for simpler room setups. I would appreciate any insight on callouts and code for such devices.

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