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Can i replace image file SD card of NX2200?

My NX2200 had fail.
There is no boot up normally.

Do someone have factory image file?
Or how can i replace sd card.

My device got out of warranty already.

Please help me.


  • HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Posts: 594
    edited January 2022

    yes, people do replace SD cards as a field repair. Contact technical support to inquire about the NX2200 disk image that would be required. I do not see a reason why this would not be something that is shared with you.

  • HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Posts: 594
    edited January 2022

    Support reached out to me to inform me they are not sending image files out due to card variations. The proper method is to call into service and place an order for the card that matches the specific device model number you are seeking to repair. Items that are under warranty would be handled as a warranty replacement.

    Yes, you could self service here by cloning a card, but your results will be mixed. At this time, there are specific makes and builds for each device and that creates a situation where you are likely best off ordering one from service.

  • i tried to update firmware of NX-3200 but it crashed. what is the way of getting old firmware to install

  • if the NX is not booting up at all (no IP connect, no USB/comm connection), the only chance may be to try a factory firmware reset by the ID button.... unpower the NX, push and hold the ID button, repower and still hold at least 30 seconds. If this doesn't help, the SD may have to be replaced.

    if you experience problems with the current firmware running and have acces to the console, you may do the MANAGE FIRMWARE to device 0, and select the previous or factory firmware image to be reloaded.

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