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MVP 8400i panels CF card

I have one MVP-8400i panels. Between the upload the TP4 file panel is freeze. Not possible boot again. Someone is have CF card image for this model? Of course I'm try check all partition and files in the CF card. 4 partition, 2 partition is readable ext2/ext3 file system. Any tester program is not look problem the card. I don't know which file is missing...


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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,734

    The cards go bad and cannot be revived. You can clone the card from a good one with a number of free software tools available on the internet. I've done it many times - but don't have the image anymore since the demand for working 8400's went to zero. You can buy one on ebay most days for under $25, which is cheaper for you than spending another couple hours on yours.

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