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MD-1002 video streaming issue

Hi All,

we are streaming an rtsp video content on some MD-1002 panels (25pcs) and their streaming screen freezes on a static
picture οr it appears black whenever they remain inactive for 2-3 days.
From then onward, all panels do not also response to any touch press on screen and they need to be rebooted.
After they have been rebooted both streaming content and screen presses are working fine.

Some settings info:

panels firmware v1.8.36


720p/@25 frames

4000kbps video
128kbps audio (no actually needed)

gop size 25
video mode VBR

Please note that the streaming content is working on any VLC with no problem while panels are stuck.

Any ideas please ?



  • rcharos66rcharos66 Posts: 1

    Hi George,

    Were you able to find an answer to your question? I'm having pretty much the same issues and was wondering if there's a fix to it. I have one touch panel with six video windows, each with their own rtsp stream. It looks like my setup and issues are the same as yours.

    Thank you,


  • Hi Robert,

    from what I know, our network team changed the rtsp stream to udp mode and it is working much better

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