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Enova DGX 6400 Control from NI-4100

I am replacing an AMX Epica DGX 144 Matrix Switch with an AMX Enova DGX 6400 Matrix Switch and the existing code to control the switch in an NI-4100 is not working now. The command mostly used for switching is CL1I1O1T (switch input 1 to output 1). Should this command work with the Enova DGX 6400 also? Also, I understand the DGX 6400 has a built-in controller, but I am still controlling the DGX 6400 through the serial RS-232 port from the NI-4100. Is there anything special I need to be aware of when controlling the DGX 6400 externally through the RS-232 control port?


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    For DGX:
    Audio switch: AI1O1 -> switch input1 to output 1
    Video switch: VI1O1 -> switch input1 to output 1
    Audio/Video switch: CI1O1 -> switch input1 to output 1

    The above are sent as send_command to 5002:1:0 ( where 5002 is the DGX switcher )

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