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AMX control solution for Cr****n shades?

John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,731
edited February 2022 in AMX General Discussion

One of our dealers is mid-deal-breaker over shade control. The customer has a large aging Crstrn system they would like to completely rebuild with AMX and our software. But they have a number of shades on the old system. I don't have model details yet, but they are likely in the 8 year old range. Anyone have experience or ideas on if/how we can control these shades from AMX? The only suggestion so far is to leave a small CR brand controller there for the shades only, and trigger it with relays or serial or IP (or IR!?) from AMX. The customer would prefer not to replace all the shades, but also not remain tied to the CR dealer and control system that he has come to hate.


  • To my knowledge, shading does not have an open API and as a result, your proposed bridge appliance approach sounds like the most logical approach at reaching their hardware. AMX wrote a NVX module because it allows for an open control API.

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