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Sony SRG-300H with joystick controller

Hello everyone,

I'm using the duet module to control 5 x Sony SRG-300H cameras over IP. These cameras are also controlled from a joystick controller.

If the joystick is unplugged, the control is done pretty well from AMX module.

If the joystick is plugged, the cameras have very late response by the AMX commands at point that they may not move at all.

Has anyone of you faced this issue ?



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    Hi George,

    I had this same issue. I could not get the module to work the way I wanted. I ended up creating a dev called dvUDPServer and used IP_Server_Open to catch the cam responses. I used a function to build the strings based on button pushes and handle the IP_Clent_Open flow control. It's not perfect, but I have all my cameras working along side the Joystick now.
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