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MXT-1000 network connection with TPDesign4.

Newbie question. I purchased a used MXT-1000 Control Panel to learn TPDesign. The Control Panel works, I can ‘ping’ it and even telnet to it but haven’t been able to get TPDesign4 to connect to it. I’ve updated the firmware, reset the system to factory settings, and erased all the User pages. I’ve disabled my PC’s firewall thinking it might be blocking Port 1319. Tried many setting combinations (PC and MXT) with no luck. Error message from TPDesign4: “Error performing action Connecting
What am I missing? Other ideas?



  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,718

    Have you set the address of the panel? Can you see the panel in NetLinx Studio to verify the address is visible and the panel comes online?

  • @prohwer297 - the connection is typically between PC > AMX controller > AMX touchpanel. If you do not have a controller in the middle, you will need to leverage the Virtual Netlinx Master option within TPDesign 4. If these are things you have tried, a quick call into tech support should get you connected to your device rather quickly.

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