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MVP-TDS docking station ethernet port use ?

Hi Everyone.
Does anyone know what the ethernet port is for that is located behind the rear panel of the MVP-TDS docking Station.
It is located between the power input and the usb ports. It is covered when panel is closed.!

Cheers alan


  • HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Harman Integrated Technologies Group (ITG) Posts: 453
    edited March 19

    My guess would be applications where wireless was not an option where the charging dock was located. Potentially an area out of range for wifi coverage. This device was released in a time without mesh and wifi coverage was not always great in every environment. Sounds weird, but is conceivable for certain environments. I can also envision wired being faster than wifi for file transfer scenarios.

    The slots on the left and right of that base serve as battery charging points for spare batteries to the wireless panel. Humorously, I once conducted a site visit for a customer who already had multiple MVP-8400 touch panels but did not use this dock. During the property walk of a new residence, the owner did not recognize this device when connected to this dock. They were so accustomed to seeing it with the kick-stand attachment that it appeared to be a completely different product to them when connected to this charging cradle.

  • John NagyJohn Nagy CineTouch Product Manager Posts: 1,657

    Let's recall that some high security (government and other) sites (where AMX was BIG) prohibit(ed) WIFI devices. This port enabled a hard Ethernet connection to the panel, to be used in a fixed location. Same port and reasoning on the dock for the 9000i. This 8400 dock port MIGHT accept POE too, eliminating the charger...

  • kiakia Posts: 3

    Thanks for your comments guys. Greatly appreciated.
    The problem is i think is that the mvp-8400I doesn't have the option in its software to choose between wired and wireless connections. I think. Wireless only ???
    Note sure what happens if you connect to a network via this port ?. I don't have the desk dock only the wall units w
    Cheers Guys
    Footnote - Pulled a wall dock to pieces and they also have the same ethernet port on the main board. Not visible unless pulled apart. maybe for future use, but it is fully populated on the board ????
    I will try connecting to this port and see what the panel has to say.
    Cheers again

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