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Cheap soft panel solution

Since some time now I'm developing in my spare time a soft panel for AMX controllers. The goal is to implement in the first place a G4 panel you can use on a desktop (UNIX like Linux, BSD, ...) as well as on an Android phone. Because it is a private project I've put it under the GPL version 3. You will find everything at
You can download the APK file for Android from:
I called this soft panel TPanel. Currently it is not perfect but supports already most of the commands of a G4 Panel and also a G5 panel. It has also SIP fully integrated with the additional feature of sending text messages. You'll find a complete documentation in the repository. You can send any surface, regardless for which panel the surface was created, to a running instance of TPanel the same way as you would do for a real panel over TPDesign4. Additional you can copy the TP4 file to a controller and TPanel can load it from there over FTP.
If you run TPanel on a desktop (Linux) you can use the program fsfreader to create a directory structure with all files unpacked. This directory can be used directly by TPanel.

TPanel is not a replacement for commercial solutions but may help some developers or integrators to test a surface without buying a license. It could be a cheap possibility to test or develop a surface before buying a commercial license or even a real panel. Do not try to use it as a panel replacement for your customers!



  • Duncan EllisDuncan Ellis Posts: 152

    Sounds like you have put a chunk of work into this. I'll have a go with this as soon as I get a spare min.


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