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Massio MPK-108 Backlight Button

I need advice on how to turn on and off the LEDs responsible for the key backlight in Massio MPK-108, I did not find such information in the device manual. There is only a hint in the manual regarding the LEDs at the knob.
I'm going to use the button_event command but I don't know what command is responsible for these leds from the button backlight.

I see it like this:

button_event [dvKeypad, 1]
{send_commadn "LED 1 ON; LED 2 OFF; LED 3 OFF; LED 4 OFF"

For the volume knob I have it done like this using scaling:

button_event [dvKeypad, 13]
LEDLevel = ((LEDmax-LEDmin) / (Max_Volume-Min_Volume (DecimalVolumeData2-Min_Volume) + LEDmin)
send_level dvKeypad, 1, LEDLevel


  • HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Posts: 593

    Button numbering is on pdf page 16:

    Port number is shown as 28 on pdf page 34.

    Did you try just turning that channel on?


  • Thanks for the advice, command ON[dvKeypad,1]; works.

  • Apart from the up and down channels for the volume when rotating the knob, the volume knob also generates a level (2) and the volume bargraph can accept a level (1).

    DEVLEV dlMKPBar  = {dvMKP108,1}
    DEVLEV dlMKPKnob = {dvMKP108,2}
        SEND_STRING 0, "'MKP108 Knob: ', ITOA(LEVEL.VALUE)"

    In the level event you can send the level.value to an (audio) device, scaling it as necessary, the level itself is always 0 to 255 and can't be changed iirc.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for that information, as You mentioned I used the knob rotation to light up the LED bargraph.
    I do this using some scaling function.

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