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Firmware upgrade to a NetLinx device with HTTP transfer

I seem to have lots of problems with transferring firmware files to a NetLinx device (mostly NX controllers) with the 'HTTP' transfer method. Usually when I try this method, it tries to establish a connection to the target device, the connection indicator is slowly filing up, and when that's full it stops with a warning message displayed with lots of red color in it (Not using my work laptop and can't get the message to display now it actually want it....) and I'm advised to use another method. At least half of the transfers fail for me, can't really see a method as to why it will or won't work.

  • The selected NIC is the correct one, if it's not, it behaves different, see below

  • it's not that it cannot find the IP address at all. If that's the case it won't try at all, displaying an error message 'Could not make a valid connection'. Besides, I can reach the controller for all other things (online tree, debug, etc)

  • Tried setting the 'HTTP port' to different numbers (80, 81, 8080, 443) doesn't seem to do anything, but when the method does
    work, it seems you can put any number in there and it will work. Don't know how to know what is the 'correct' one.

  • Connecting the NIC of my laptop and the NIC of the NX together without any sort of switch or other network component
    present on the connection, does not help

  • In all cases the Legacy (ICSP) method works, but that's no fun with the sizes of the current firmware's. It takes a loooooong time
    to complete

It could very well be that it's something on my laptop that's blocking the transfer, but I don't know where to look.

Is there anything I could check? Are there other people for which it is failing?

Use the latest Netlinx Studio (4.4.1914) on Windows 10 Pro 21H2

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