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2003 Netlinx Programmer

I have a circa 2003 AMX Netlinx tht controls Lutron lighting as well as audio . I recently had a lightning strike. A low voltage smart home system tech did some troubleshooting and believes we may have lost h the serial port that is connected to the Lutron lighting system. The Lutron system checks out ok. The thought is that we could move the cable to an unused serial port on the Netlinx but he isn't schooled in the Netlinx. I am looking for someone to program the Netlinx controller after we move to a new serial port. I live in the Orlando area. Thank you in advance for any advice or assistance.


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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,736

    If dues to lighting, it is unlikely that only one serial port is affected. You likely need to replace the NetLinx. Older units are very inexpensive on ebay... but beware, the NI2000/2100 and NI300/3100 series of controllers are prone to have deteriorated components in the serial port support resulting in inoperable ports. You can test a replacement for this specific failure with a voltmeter - measure at any serial port, with positive probe on the CENTERMOST pin on the long side of the connector, and negative probe on the shell. If you have DC NEGATIVE 5 volts or more voltage there, the port is powered properly. If the voltage is low or actually POSITIVE, the internal capacitors have failed. Although repairable, it is usually cheaper to replace the unit entirely. I have repaired many, and it is tedious and not always successful due to tiny surface mount parts.

    Regardless, the program in your netlinx may or may not be salvageable to move and modify, and if not, new custom programming will be required.

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