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Artifacting on DXLink Monitors (HDMI Connections OK)

Hello Everyone,

Somewhat recently (as far as my memory serves) I've been getting noticeable artifacting on my TVs, said TVs are connected to my DVX via DXLink 4K receivers.
Due to a forgotten password I had to factory reset my DVX about a month and a half ago.
I do not remember having this picture quality issue before that, but I cannot think of a setting that would effect this.

When I say artifacting I mean pixels that are not showing up as the correct color, also scenes with various shades of blacks look pixelated.
I know it is not the TV's since other devices connected directly to them look great.
Also the image quality on my main PC, which one of the monitors is running through the DVX via HDMI out, looks fine.

Any ideas or quick fixes for this?

Thanks in advance.


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