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question about new 24xx units

I've unboxed and configured close to 100 of the 2400 series boxes, and in the paperwork included with them, it says they ship with DHCP mode out of the box, and go to AUTO-IP mode if a dhcp server isn't available. Not a single one I've opened has come this way. They come with AUTO-IP mode enabled and I need to do a IP Broadcast reset to get them to DHCP. Is there anyway this can be changed so that it IS dhcp mode out of the box? or can new units be enable to match the documentation? Its very time consuming to have to boot them, reset to dhcp and boot them again when they take 2 to 5 minutes each boot and there are 100 plus boxes to configure.



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    Product Management is keen to learn what firmware version was loaded to the units you received? Is tech support aware of the challenge you experienced pertaining to the discrepancy between documentation and real world experience?

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    emdx71emdx71 Posts: 43

    @HARMAN_Chris, I sent you a couple direct messages with info about this. Not sure if you had seen them or not.

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    Thanks for the added detail. What you observed is certainly interesting and I suspect is it limited to the specific sku you ordered. That sku you have was not initially offered to the general public and there were specific features/requirements for that sku that could account for what you encountered. My assumption is that there was a specific firmware load and potentially even settings configured for a special purpose that could potentially deviate from documentation or be undocumented. If you have not already reached out to tech support about your experience, I would encourage you to do so because there may be more units configured in a similar way that could ideally be updated prior to shipping to customers.

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