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Hi there, I wonder if anyone could point me in the right direction -I'm from Scotland, and I have hundreds (probably thousands) of pounds worth of various versions of AMX/Crestron/Lutron AV equipment in my garage all from my late father. He programmed and relied on AMX for his business. I have tried to list items on eBay but i am getting no where as it is a very niche market for this kind of equipment and i don't want to just throw it away as there is still value to it and that is not very good for the environment. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated thanks


  • Welcome! Do you have an inventory of what it is you are trying to sell? At the moment, most manufacturers in the Pro AV space are facing supply chain challenges. AMX is one of these and it results in some products being difficult to come by. Depending on the age and model, your stockpile may be just what someone needs to get off a jobsite.

  • lozmcglozmcg Posts: 3

    hi thanks for your reply. Yes I have list/spreadsheet of all the stock with serial numbers and pictures. It varies from Netlinx Integrated Controllers ni-2100 ( various versions) to touch panels to Pc audio panels, to radio receivers, to button panels I honestly have so much. I’m trying to sell it all as the business had to be terminated when my father passed- I’m in the technology space myself but not AV. I have tried with eBay but nothing seems to sell. Is there a chance AMX/harman would take them for parts or something or would they not give me the time of day?

  • From the sounds of it, your items are older and no longer current product lines. This does not mean they do not have value, but that would complicate your efforts to sell them. AMX/Harman would not be interested in buying them back for service inventory or spare parts because the items have been discontinued and we are well past the warranty coverage period for items in that era of the product portfolio.

    eBay can be successful, but for older product, it is a very special customer who needs to replace a vintage product with the exact model rather than updating their system to the latest. A customer who has touch panels in the wall with a special venetian plaster finish would likely prefer to replace with the identical model to avoid having to patch or repair their wall. Outside of a special scenario like that, it gets hard. This industry is highly specialized with proprietary tools, coding languages, and skill that are not found in mainstream consumer electronics. This leads to a dismal resell market in a place like ebay because few people know about the products and fewer people can actually work on them. However, if the product was current generation and you put it in front of a current AMX reseller - you would easily get full value for the product because of current supply constraints.

  • lozmcglozmcg Posts: 3

    Thank you for getting back to me. I know this is the current challenge I am facing, do you have any contacts of anywhere that is an AMX reseller? or another platform aswell as/instead of eBay? I could always send a full list of all the AMX stock that I currently have but I would need a couple days to collate that, as I keep finding more so the spreadsheet list is forever growing... I am a software developer myself (specialise in JavaScript/TypeScript/HTML/AWS) in the voice space, qualified after my father passed but again there is not a demand for me in my current role to use this kind of equipment. I just dont know what to do

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