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Text Input for button not working

I am trying to get input string from text-input button, I am trying below code just to check if any string is triggering, I have placed some code to check in Telnet. but so far unable to see anything in telnet console.




  • How are you doing the text input?

  • @richardherman said:
    How are you doing the text input?

    I created button in touch panel and change input text in properties, now on touch panel I can enter any value, but I cannot receive this text string in main program, I have put my code above I am using in processor.

  • Are you issuing the ^BSM command?

    Button Submit Text Command - This command causes the text areas to send their text as strings to the NetLinx Master.
    address range: Address codes of buttons to affect. A '.' between addresses includes the range, and & between addresses includes each address.
    SEND_COMMAND Panel,"'^BSM-500'"
    Returns a String of format "'-'".
    The string is returned on the port a ^BIT command was received on, or if that has not occurred, is sent on the address port.

    If a "name" is applied to the text input this will be applied as a standard header to the string with the text input as the parameter (header-parameter)

    The submit button calls the ^BSM in code

    button_event[dvTP_MEET, BTN_MEET_CONFIRM]
        send_command button.input.device,"'^BSM-',itoa(TXT_MEET_SUBJECT),'&',itoa(TXT_MEET_TIME)"; // Returns strings with
        stack_var iCmd[DUET_MAX_CMD_LEN], iHeader[DUET_MAX_HDR_LEN], iParam[DUET_MAX_PARAM_LEN];
        local_var volatile char iSubject[100];
        local_var volatile integer iTime;
        iCmd = data.text;
        iHeader = DuetParseCmdHeader(iCmd);
        iParam = DuetParseCmdParam(iCmd);
            case 'SUBJECT':
            iSubject = iParam;
            case 'TIME':
            iTime = atoi(iParam);
        cancel_wait 'Create Meeting Debounce'
        wait 1 'Create Meeting Debounce'
    //  DEFINE_FUNCTION CHAR RmsBookingCreate(CHAR startDate[],
    //                                        CHAR startTime[],
    //                                        INTEGER durationMinutes,
    //                                        CHAR subject[],
    //                                        CHAR messageBody[],
    //                                        LONG locationId)
            if(length_string(iSubject) && iTime) 
            RmsBookingCreate(LDATE, TIME, iTime, iSubject, 'Adhoc meeting request', 0);
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