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Old AMX Smarthome

Hi! I am purchasing a home that has an old (2003) AMX smart home system. Everything in the home is pretty much wired (lights, audio, blinds, alarm etc). A lot of the interfaces/ touch screens no longer work or have issues. Is it possible to upgrade/update the system to something that can be more app based? Or at the very least update all the interfaces? Any idea what this would cost?



  • Welcome, you would want to seek out assistance from an integrator or independent programmer. An AMX system is like writing a custom app for your house. As part of the home sale, it would behoove you to request the system source code which will be thousands of lines of code. If not available, you are in a tough spot. Over time, a custom solution like yours needs to be maintained as devices change out. TVs will be upgraded, and components like the DVD/VCR combo go out of style in favor of an appleTV or Roku. My guess is that your system was working but over time those boxes may have changed a bit and the control system was not updated. The prior owner likely had their own work arounds.

    Under a best case scenario, you do receive source code and an independent programmer can make the changes you are seeking for device control. If new hardware is needed, you will need an integrator who can buy and service AMX hardware. There is a mobile device APP that would take your existing touchpanel file. Depending on your preferences, it is likely that the user interface file would need to be reworked to accomidate the MUCH higher resolution of todays tablet or mobile phone devices. Services for something like this may be billed by the hour or turn key for the project scope you define.

  • thanks so much @HARMAN_Chris! I dont think we will be able to get the code from the owner, but the company who designed the system is still around so maybe they still have it? Was hoping it would be less expensive then getting a whole system, and was hoping to use what is there but it definitely sounds complicated.. Ill try to get a few people in to access the system and see what can be done.

  • Start with finding the source code. If that is available AND you have a dealer with tribal knowledge of the system, this is your best bet. It really is a custom built app for your home that was matched to the hardware at the time it was deployed. This is not a simple app based google home thing that you go into an app and start changing things. It takes line level code that is compiled and transferred to the system in order to work.

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