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How to add Modero G5

New AMX programmer here, I went through the training videos, but they didn't cover what I'm encountering. I have an MD-1002 touch panel, which is showing in my Online Tree under Dynamic/Virtual Devices as 32001. My issue is I'm not getting any button presses coming through.

I have Enable Netlinx Diagnostic Messages enabled and see things happening, but no button press.
button_event[dvTp, 42] { push: { send_string 0, "'test'" } }

I feel like it's something to do with the way I'm defining my touch panel. I've tried a few things, such as stating dvTp = 320001:1:0 which didn't work at all. Also defining the dv in a range from the training videos and vdv and then combining them
dvTp 10001:1:0, vdvTp 32001:1:0, DEVICE_COMBINE (vdvTp, dvTp), but when I do this and refresh my Online Tree, the virtual device jumps to a different number so I can never match it, when I change device number in code to match, load, it jumps again.

What am I doing wrong?


  • Ah, I had to hard set the Device Number from the default virtual to one in range for touch panels, working now

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