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Does others have strange issues with MACBooks (M1) and IpadPro

Hi All

I have an installation with 2 DVX-3266-4K units. They are placed in 2 rooms that can combine to 1 with 2 projectors. The systems are feed via DX Transmitters in the floorwells and the 2 units are combined via a DX link. Now connection a PC to the system works 99,99% of the times but with new MACs and IpadPros that is a different story. Ipads I need to be lucky to get a signal through. On an M1 apple Macbook via HDMI it is the same but here I get the audio? if I connect an Appe usbC to HDMI/USB/USBC the it works?

I must admit I confused. I hope that someone out there can help me,




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    Don't know about this Mac's in particular, but what I saw often that if the first device that the Mac connects to is HDCP compatible, it will encrypt the signal. If somewhere further down the signal path something isn't HDCP compatible, there will be no output. Not sure why it would work through the converter.

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    I agree to Richard, it is worth a try to disable HDCP compliance on the input the MACs are connected to. If it works without HDCP, the AV paths may have to be downtracked if anywhere HDCP may be disabled, and so break the path. Remember that the AMX units do not kill HDCP if disabling HDCP (this would be illegal), they just tell the source that AMX on that input is HDCP compliant or not.

    Another issue may be HDCP1.4 vs. HDCP2.2 These are 2 different versions, 1.4 is not a subset of 2.2. So maybe there is a connection point set up to support only one or the other version, but not both.

    • The AMX input can be set to HDCP enabled (default) or disabled. The 4K DVX supports both 1.4 and 2.2 by itself, or with Output set to FOLLOW just provides the version the sink has.
    • The Outputs can be set to support both versions (default), 1.4 or 2.2 only, or "follow", which means the version from the sink is passed/provided to the input that it is routed to.

    Is the firmware up to date on all the involved AMX components?

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