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TP Control with IPAD

Does anyone use TP Control for the IPAD? I have it loaded on my IPAD so this is another panel type, but much better than a 8400 because of the resolution. Well I cannot get the button sounds to happen as I push a button and get no sound like I do with a 8400 or any other panel type.
In IPAD i goto Settings and select TPControl and from there is a section under notications to choose Button Hit and Button Miss and then select volume - well I set this and still is muted. I can play music from my IPAD so its not like I didnt set the volume on IPAD.
Anyone else have this issue?


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    I use TPC on ipad and have button MISS turned off. It works in my setup.

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    Here is what my settings look like and still no beep when I click and button on my IPAD.
    I did what u said turned off the Button Miss but still no sound.

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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,734
    edited October 2022

    Do you get no touch sounds even with the default demo pages upon installing TPControl?
    I can vouch for installing TPControl on many dozens of may different iPad editions, and none had any trouble with sound on buttons. TPControl's tech support is NOT here on the AMX forums regularly, you can and should submit a ticket on their website.
    We use a substitute sound instead of the odd metallic THUNK AMX uses... in your panel project, you can add a sound in the RESOURCE MANAGER (under the PANEL drop menu) and name it customSingle.wav and it will become the new button sound. Ours is more a TAP not unlike most app keyboard sounds.

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    Is this TP5 or TP4? Have used TP4 before and it certainly works for sound, never used TP5

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    wow I figured it out - my IPAD was set in silent mode (upper right corner swip diagonal - this will get u to Control Center) . The bell icon was highlighted which means Silent Mode was on. Funny thing though, the music still plays but the Panel buttons were silenced. So disable the Silent Mode and beep sounds on panel now make sound.

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