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I assist with IT work in a school the AV side is a bit foreign to me. We have to identical setups in our gym and cafeteria. They both have a dvx-2255hd. The issue we have is that the audio overflows to the other room regardless of which one we play. The overflow button on the wall panel makes no difference. We have to cut the power on one setup to isolate the audio to one room. We also cannot play the two at the same time independently because of this. Any help appreciated !


  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,733
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    Your report is ambiguous (what is an overflow button? is what you call overflow a low level "leak" or a full volume throughput? What are you cutting power on to stop the crossover - the amp or the mixer?). It is clear that there is an unintended audio input cross connection between the rooms, and it's not on the speaker outputs as the sound stops when the "setup" is powered down.

    Basic troubleshooting: Disconnect all the inputs from one mixer. Do you still have crossover? Now reconnect and try the other mixer. Did it change? Narrow down the connections that cause a change and find out what input(s) has to be uplugged to stop it. If inputs are common to both systems, there must be input level or selection controls that are not being turned off when not selected. Also look for grounding issues. Your "setups" may be on different electrical panels or breakers and a ground loop is causing leakage, usually with a low volume, tinny sound, and hum or buzz.

    With no clue as to how it's wired or programmed or controlled, it's impossible to suggest more.

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    Hardware settings, Program settings, and wires. Like John mentions, there are a few things going on here. AMX is a custom solution and your project is effectively a custom application - like a mobile app written specifically to your facility and requirements that were identified in the beginning. If the school received documentation and hopefully source code upon delivery of the project, you have information to work from and options on who you hire to resolve the problem. If there is no information available, the systems integrator who installed the project is possibly the fastest path to resolution. How long ago was the system deployed? It is possible that the integrator would troubleshoot this at no charge because it sounds to be a pretty big bug or at best, a user training problem.

  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,733

    Another hit-and-run support request. Post a question and never come back for answers...

  • Sorry for the delayed response. A short background the school was completed shortly before covid, this is a new building. These systems were under contract but have expired and being out of the building they got little use. Now issues are arising and there is little trained support to address them. Being a municipality there is a lot of red tape to get things paid for especially when it comes labor rather than parts or physical purchases. My thought is its a usability issue not a hardware issue.

    By Overflow button I am referring to the Control on the AMX touch panel. Regardless on/off audio will play in both rooms and regardless of input (laptop(hDMI direct), AirMedia, DVD). The Volume is full.

    By turn off I refer to the AMP for said room. THat is a Crown DCI2600
    This is a list of the equipment in each room. The concept was that no one should ever have to touch anything in this rack.

    My first thought is that a setting was modified in the SWITH (this is a button that brings up a menu) settings on the. Enova 2255

  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,733
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    Have you made inquiry to the installer at all? If this is a misunderstanding of the UI (and it is odd!) they may be able to help easily and quickly. If there's no evidence the system ever worked without this issue, you have a right to expect some attention even now. They at the very least should provide a user guide for the system they created.

    But once again, it appears that these are two independent systems... linked in some manner that you and we cannot determine.., with a suspicious function called OVERFLOW that might do... something... if it were working right.

    My guess is there is one output from each of the DVX units that goes to an input on the other that aren't being controlled. Find that, and you can at least disconnect the link and use each independently while you ponder getting the professional help you need from the designer, the only person on earth that knows what they mean to happen.

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