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Accessing website from master

Hello all...

Long time since I've been in here. I am still not a high level programmer but I told our programmer I would ask the question because I know what we need, just not how to make it happen.

Our client's ISP can no longer provide a static IP address which means our ability to access the system is inconsistant.

I was told that if we could get the AMX processor to connect to the web and access whatsmyip.com, it would give us the current outside IP address. By accessing that info, we could regain access to the system and continue providing upgrades and trouble shooting as required.

Any thoughts?




  • Does your router support dyndns? If so., that would be preferred.

  • PyroGuyPyroGuy Posts: 121

    Thanks for the suggestion HARMAN_Chris.

    The challenge we have is that the IP address is being changed by the ISP and once that happens, we can no longer get into the master.

    Through some other discussions, I learned that “IP CLIENT OPEN” will let us connect to an internet website from the master. My understanding is that will let us connect to "whatismyipaddress.com" and with that, we will have the IP address to use to get the remote connection to the master.

    I've just passed this on to the person doing the programming and hopefully it will work!


  • Mike,
    Dynamic IP address is common. The most common solution is to leverage a service like dydns. In most applications, the router has multiple dynamic dns service provider options built in. From a service like dyndns, you create a paid account and then define multiple subdomains that represent different job sites. The client within the router will detect an ISP WAN address change and then report the change to the dynamic dns service to update your physical WAN address attached to the friendly domain name. As a field tech, you then always refer to the friendly domain name - like jobside443.getmyip.com

    There was a module that worked with dyndns that worked for years. That service was acquired and it would appear that something changed in that transition and code modifications may be required.

    My preference is to handle it at the router, but you can do it through code.

  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,718

    You misunderstand Dynamic DNS. It is a router feature that manages a domain name for the location, regardless of the IP address of the moment. So you name your site like a web site, and connect without an IP address, as the IP address is automatically maintained in the cloud. Read about it, it may be in your router already, and if not, it can be subscribed to from many services, cheaply and easily.

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