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TPDesign5 emulate touch panel ?

Hello, I am relatively new to the AMX Netlinx community.
Is there a way to emulate a touch panel ?
I have a MD-1002 on my office desk and I use that for design & testing, while I'm there.
When I'm traveling, it would be nice to tinker with those designs.
I can do this with Crestron in VTPro-E, using their x-Panel feature.
Just curious if there is a similar option in TPDesign5.


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    HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Posts: 598
    edited November 2022

    Unfortunately not an option. Initially, G3 had full functionality and could connect virtually to a controller for logic and feedback. Within the prior gen (G4) there was a panel preview option, but it only rendered the panel and was no longer connected to a controller to test logic and feedback. In G5, the migration over to an android platform complicated matters and there is no panel emulator.

    At present there is no X-panel equivalent for TPDesign. The new MS Teams module is a step towards an HTML5 experience that is a customizable HTML5 UI hosted on an AMX controller. There are no tools to simplify ground-up creation using that bundle, but the blocks are there for anyone comfortable with Angular and HTML5.

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