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LG TV IP control

Hi. Total newbie here. I'm trying to get up to 6 LG TV screens working with their IP control. I don't want to do anything fancy at all - just power on/off. I've enabled WoL on one screen and got that working by a simple WoL program for Windows. However, how can I power it off again?! I need a very simple program that would allow power on/off.


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    PS sorry, I know this is probably completely the wrong forum to post it but I've been searching round now for literally hours on how to do this.

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    Have you downloaded the LG WebOS module? The sample program may give you some pointers, but what you are seeking to accomplish is fairly straight forward.

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    I downloaded eh WEBOs module - however there do not appear to be any instructions on where to find/create the IP control password:

    : IP_Control_Password
    : xxxxxxxx (8-digit alpha numeric password)

    Where do we get this from ?

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    Page 21 of the implementation guide covers this detail.

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    egirardiegirardi Posts: 17
    edited January 2023

    Never mind - its way at the bottom of the word doc that comes with the module.

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