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N2300 Series Decoders Content Audio Drops

I am experiencing an issue with the N2300 series encoders (standalone and wall plates) and decoders. I have about 8 encoders and 6 decoders in the system. Each have the latest firmware. I talked to Tech support and found that the encoders will not pass audio only without a video carrier signal. I am also finding that the encoders or decoders appear to be dropping the audio after about 2-5 minutes of activity and then the audio comes back. An example of the problem is when a user connect an audio cable from their device to the wall plate encoder, no audio is passed to the decoders. If I add, a video carrier (whether they want video or not), the audio will pass but for a few minutes and then it drops out. Tech support nor I can figure this out. Since the latest firmware update a similar issue has arisen, if I utilize the the HDMI connectivity and pass audio via HDMI. This will work for a few minutes and then cut out and then come back on. I can not determine why this is happening. I've tried HDMI cables from various manufacturers. I've tried audio cables of all configurations and quality. I get the same result.

I have two decoders that are feeding into a DSP via the audio outputs (no video needed for these). I can see the signal meter on the on the DSP for the decoder inputs. I can see them drop out, as well. Then they will pop back in about 2-3 minutes later. The client is getting very frustrated. This client hosts a lot of events throughout the week and this installation can not be considered complete as this continues to be a problem after 3 weeks. Is there something we're missing.

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