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Matrix Audio MRC-8

Info needed... I recently purchased the MRC-8, not knowing anything about it, and am having a difficult time obtaining any information about the unit. From this forum I'm realizing I need the controllers to use it. If anyone can point me in the right direction of how I can obtain the user manual or the controllers I'd appreciate the information. Also if anyone is in need of the unit itself, I'd be willing to part with it as well.


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    Manual and RS232 commands are attached. Usage will vary on what components you have with the solution. Do you have any of the MRC keypads? If so, you can use that to control the system. If not, some form of outside control is needed. This could come from an AMX controller, but there are other ways of controlling RS232 devices.

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    ZillaZilla Posts: 2
    Wow thank you so much! Good info right there. Unfortunately I didn't read anything that is going to help me in my set up. And the RS232 is a little above my skill level. Hopefully I can find someone who can better utilize it. I just think finding any controllers will be next to impossible and I don't want to invest much more into the unit since I really don't have a use for it. Anyone interested let me know.
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