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MET-7E Keypad Bricke

We have 6 MET-7E keypads at our club, and one of the keypads was causing grief coming disconnected from the controller occassionally. I could do a reset (top two buttons) and assign the device id and connect it to controller via telnet usually - but this time it seems to be froze and even the reset doesn't take. Now it won't recognize the reset command with the top buttons. Is there any other way to force factory reset it, or is it dead?


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    If the reset by the button would not work, I assume the unit is dead and needs repair.

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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,735

    I'd suggest swapping it with one at a location that has had no issues. If the issue travels with the pad instead of with the location, you'll know the wiring isn't at fault.

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