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TP Design 5 New Unwanted Features?

Not aware of any updates to TP Design 5 but recently I have noticed it crashing, like a lot more than I ever recall.

I can make it crash consistently by opening a creating a pop up, adding it to a group, and then changing the background color to anything by solid.

Pretty cool.

Am I the only one who sees this?


  • I was unable to recreate.
    1) Create new panel file (mine=MT-702)
    2) Create pop-up page
    3) Assign group to pop-up (mine=controls)
    4) Change the pop-up fill color to something not solid (mine= #BF1F5DA5)

  • I have a customer's MT-2001 file that also has that problem massively, but unfortunately not really reproducable. I can open his file, open some (popup)pages, and then TPD5 crashes by just closing. Could happen with the same popup every time, could happen with any other, or even at saving/closing the file... The only "similarity" we found right now is, that if you once were possible to open ALL pages (with no modification), TPD 5 is possible to (re)open and modifying it for longer time, and at a random point it fails again.

    I think that is some kind of "cashing" issue, so if TPD5 once passed that wrongly cached part, it is stable again. I assume such issue on the fact that once it worked, if I uninstall TPD5, reboot, and reinstall TPD5, the problem is back.

    It is also strange that it happens on diffrent computers at different points. We tested it on 6 computers with different OS versions and memory sizes. On the customer's computers it crashes almost with any second or third page opened, on 2 computers of me, I get it fixed in the way above and the works (for a while), but saving the file as a new file and chckeing at the customer's computers, he still have the problem.

    We have reported cleared the TP5 file as good as possible (no oversized graphics, removed all unused graphics, checked panel consistency by Edit->Verify.. menu options). We forwarded the file to TS, but like said it is happening not 100% reproducable ways, and TPD5 gives no error message...

    I will try feddx' popup background color thing on my file

  • I tried but cannot get TPD5 to crash like @feddx said, but am not surprised. TPD5 crashing is so standard for me that I don't really notice it anymore. I think the 'save' icon is my most used TPD5 command..
    Like @Marc Scheibein I tested everything I could think of to get the problem to be consistent, so I could report it, but I can't figure out what triggers it. I can Use it for a couple of days without anything happening or it crashes 5 times in 2 hours. I have a few designs where there is a page (standard, not a pop-up) that very often triggers the crash, but definitely not always. Opening a couple of other pages and pop ups first seems to lower the chance of it crashing, but that could just be wishful thinking, it is really random. And with crashing I mean the same thing as Marc; the program just closes. I've used that design with multiple OS'es (W10/W11) on different computers, does not seem to make a difference. Currently on TPD5 version 1.5.0 b111 with G5 support files version 1.5.65

  • feddxfeddx Posts: 166

    As soon as I posted this, the files stopped doing it. Though I am getting crashes on older files and new ones I create, and so frequently it is jarring.

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