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Netlinx Compatible Remote controls

Are there any 3rd party remote controls we can use with the Netlinx processor ?
I see old discussion on here about RTI remotes - but not clear if they are still able to be used.


  • I am researching several candidates for future integrations and am also interested to see what people are using.

  • egirardiegirardi Posts: 17

    Seems like no one uses any remotes in the projects ?

  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,733

    No replies in just one day does not mean no one uses remotes. This forum does not get hundreds of readers a day.

    IR programmable remotes of many kinds can be used with a large variety of AMX IR receivers. There are 256 recognized IR codes for AMX, and each can be used as a button press with any programming in the NetLinx that you choose to create.

    I've attached a file with all the AMX codes in HEX text and in AMX IRL formats.

  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,733

    Additionally, there were AMX RF receivers (318 or 415 mHz) that similarly can be used to get pushes from a variety of RF remotes using these frequencies. Find these receivers is easy on ebay, but they are no longer sold by AMX.

    Don't overlook TPCONTROL on a mobile device for wifi remote. Anything a panel can do can be done on a phone or tablet.

    And for limited applications, you can attach any remote-controlled contact closure to the IO sensors on the NetLinx. The aftermarket (Amazon, ebay) has hundreds of remote modules and kits with multi-channel remotes and receivers at prices that are insanely cheap.

    By the way, a similar hardware hack can let the NetLinx trigger anything - use the relays and attach them to the button wires inside a wireless remote. A common use has been to connect a garage door opener remote to a system for automated or panel operation.

  • Im not saying I would put this in a professional environment, but I did a little project at my house where I used one of these little USB wireless keyboard remotes with a Raspberry Pi3. I wrote a python script that grabbed that USB port and read each key press and then dropped it into node red flow. From there I parsed the button presses and sent them to various devices.

    https://www.newegg.com/p/0GA-0913-00270?Description=wireless keyboard tv remote&cm_re=wireless_keyboard tv remote--9SIA7WMJJ32455--Product

  • egirardiegirardi Posts: 17
    edited March 2023

    Need a professional solution for residential installs. And commercial for that matter. We have some conference rooms and bank areas where they just want a simple remote - no panels - and no ipad that can walk off.

    Harman are you listening ? ??

  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,733

    We made our own... cost about under $20 each in lots of 100, including customized IR with AMX codes, colors, and layout. You can do the same. Any "universal" product will cost more, and require more work, and will not satisfy every application.

  • egirardiegirardi Posts: 17

    We would prefer either a wifi or RF remote solution

  • Have you looked into AVA remote with TPControl?

  • egirardiegirardi Posts: 17

    Yes we did. But we are looking for a traditional simple tactical hard button remote.

  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,733

    I'd point out that AMX's R series remotes were that... and the marketplace responded with a deafening silence.

  • By the way, has anyone ever used the AVA remote with TPControl that Chris suggests ?

  • HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Posts: 594
    edited March 2023

    @George Krietsepis, I am working with both AVA and TPControl to ensure an awesome outcome. The head of AVA sales is a former AMXer who ran residential sales here at AMX for many years. I physically have a unit and am working with TPControl to resolve a resolution/scaling issue. For testing, I added the device resolution to the PPF XML file read by TPDesign for allowed resolutions. Once the integration is optimized, we will make a TPDesign support file release that includes it as a native resolution. TPControl has already updated their device recognition table and have made sure the device will leverage the lower priced mobile phone license.

    If you are interested in a pre-made template file, contact Noel Blackman and give him a nudge. He is unsure of market demand for an AMX version of his work for this UI. You can see his project for a different control system here: http://www.blackmancustoms.com/Bitwise/index.htm

  • @HARMAN_Chris said:
    I am researching several candidates for future integrations and am also interested to see what people are using.

    that looks well cool. I've tried a couple of things. I've use a Craptron remote, whihc I wrote a Simple+ module for and interfaced it over serial between that and the AMX. Works quite well but does have a few issues if the Cr processor is not in the room with the remote. I made it so you could have multiple remotes by adding the index to the message from each key - it had press and holds etc.. but it meant dealing with the 'C' company

    The other one I treid was with total control, similar issues really.

    but the AVA remotes look nice and if there could be a reasonably costed TPC app, that would be great

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