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Netlinx Compile Option Question

I need some clarity on the compile options.
So if un-check the "Compile with source" option - I see the file transfer is still sending a ".SRC" file to the processor. Is this the source code to my program ? When i open the SRC file it looks like an encrypted file although i can make out some information in it. Is this .SRC code reversible back to the original source?


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    HARMAN_icraigieHARMAN_icraigie Posts: 660
    edited March 2023

    For whatever reason there is a requirement to always transfer an src file with the compiled code; unchecking the box results in the "empty" source file. I believe the "empty" file reads as "this is an empty src file". And yes, when compiled with source is selected the NetlLnx code can downloaded, viewed and edited.

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    In the 'Preferences > File transfer" menu, there is an option called: 'When sending a .TKN, always send the associated .SRC' . Deselect that option.

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    egirardiegirardi Posts: 17

    Got it -thanks

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    The .src archive only contains "readable source code", like the .axs and .axi files (not sure about the .lib files for system_calls). It will not contain the required Duet .jar files or NetLinx .tko modules, to get the source compiled again.

    If you want to have a complete archive of all required files for reloading the system from scratch, you may create a "Workspace file to go" in Studio, and transfer the .AXW archive to the master.

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