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LG 110" Monitor Discrete IR codes

Dear All,

I'm trying to control an LG 110" Monitor through IR but the discrete Power On & Power Off commands do not work although I have already used them in the past for any LG TV/Monitor with very success.

Has anyone of you worked with that monitor ?




  • George - have you consulted the Global Cache IR database? They show two IR sets for LG televisions:

  • Chris - Yes, I have already tested them with no success....

  • I have inquired with our LG integration partner rep to see if this information is available.

  • Chris, any feedback from your LG partner ?

  • Initial contact forwarded the inquiry into the commercial support teams for follow-up, but nothing received as of yet.

  • My contact is escalating the inquiry to HQ Tier 2. They did share -

    • None of the existing commands will work with this unit
    • This unit does not support any other type of control beyond IR and some basic HDMI CEC
  • So there is no chance for us to control it as it should be... I cannot see why LG is using different IR commands - or some of them do not work at all - for the same product group ( in our case, LG TVs).

    Any ideas for a workaround ?

  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,734
    edited April 2023

    Commercial displays are not infrequently manufactured by subcontractors - LG may just sell it. Hence it not using the LG codes.

    LG's website says it comes with a remote. Capture what it is putting out. Then SHARE IT with Control Tower!
    Accessory- Basic
    LG Remote Controller(include battery 2ea),
    Power Cord, Manual

    Page 16 of your model's manual shows the un-LG-like remote that is included with this monitor:

  • I have tried the discrete on/off commands provided by the remote control with no success...

    Then SHARE IT with Control Tower -> what do you mean exactly ??

  • George, to confirm, the discrete power buttons on the physical remote that came with the device do not control the display? Or is it that the captured versions do not work?

  • Chris - neither the discrete power buttons on the physical remote nor the captured versions from Global Cache IR database control the device.

    By the way, the discrete power buttons on the physical remote are supposed only work in case of multiple displays

  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,734

    George, Then SHARE IT with Control Tower -> what do you mean exactly ??
    You can contribute new captured code sets to the Control Tower database.

    Sorry my suggestions about the native remote didn't help. As it had not been mentioned here, but was in the docs, I guessed it had been missed.

  • Ok I see that there is no chance for us to control this monitor as we'd like to.

    No discrete power and input IR commands... We could put a power sensor to get back the monitor status but what about the input ? Should we put an....input sensor ? I'm just kidding....

    Another idea would be some extra buttons for toggle power command as well as for navigate up,down,left,right to select the input... but this is not automation !!

    Anyway how would you handle this situation ?

  • Does anyone know of a Power Sense device in the market which would be able to "sense" the consumption while the TV is on or standby ?

    This device should give a dry contact output depending on the TV consumption.

    Then we can take this dry contact on the NX IO's and send commands accordingly...

  • Well, the solution was very simple... Just a custom box with USB input and a dry contact output.
    The box is connected to the LG usb port supplied with 5Vdc while the monitor is ON.
    If the monitor is OFF the usb is not supplied.
    A very simple circuit inside the box is taking that voltage and triggers a relay accordingly.
    We finally connect the relay output - as a dry contact - to the NX IO ports.

    That's it....

  • richardhermanrichardherman Posts: 387

    Used to make those myself: an optocoupler on a pin of the SCART output, that would pull an I/O low when on.
    Would probably work with USB too, not had any need for that anymore

  • logantvlogantv Posts: 31

    I didn't have time to learn every button but these work TCP port 4998 to a GC iTach. If someone wants to post them to Control Tower you can have all the glory lol. As of Aug 17, 2023 they still aren't there.

    send_string dvDevice,"'sendir,.........',$0D";

    This model only supports a power toggle. Pushing [INPUT] 17 seconds later clears the onscreen menu, then push [ENTER] 0.5 seconds later to clear the input OSD.
    Otherwise you'll have an onscreen menu at power on that never goes away.

    [POWER] sendir,1:1,1,37878,1,1,342,171,21,21B,21,64,21,22BBBDCCBCCCCCBBBCBBBDCCCDCCCC,21,1529,342,85,21,3654FGF,21,3700
    [INPUT] sendir,1:1,1,37878,1,1,342,171,21,21B,21,64,21,22BBBDCCBCCCCCCCBCBBBDBBCDCCCC,21,1529,342,85,21,3654FGF,21,3700
    [ENTER] sendir,1:1,3,37878,1,1,342,171,21,21B,21,64,21,22BBBDCCBCCCCCBBCDBBCDCCBCCCBC,21,1530,342,85,21,3655FGF,21,3700

  • logantvlogantv Posts: 31


    dvGC = 0:3:0; // TCP client port 4998

    LG_POWER[] = {'sendir,1:1,1,37878,1,1,342,171,21,21B,21,64,21,22BBBDCCBCCCCCBBBCBBBDCCCDCCCC,21,1529,342,85,21,3654FGF,21,3700'}
    LG_INPUT[] = {'sendir,1:1,1,37878,1,1,342,171,21,21B,21,64,21,22BBBDCCBCCCCCCCBCBBBDBBCDCCCC,21,1529,342,85,21,3654FGF,21,3700'}
    LG_ENTER[] = {'sendir,1:1,3,37878,1,1,342,171,21,21B,21,64,21,22BBBDCCBCCCCCBBCDBBCDCCBCCCBC,21,1530,342,85,21,3655FGF,21,3700'}

    define_function fnLGOn( )
    send_string dvGC,"LG_POWER,$0D";
    send_string dvGC,"LG_INPUT,$0D";
    send_string dvGC,"LG_ENTER,$0D";

    define_function fnLGOff( )
    send_string dvGC,"LG_POWER,$0D";

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