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Hi Everyone,

I have made a Weather driver requesting from a server for the cities forecast.

My initial version was for specific cities requests - what the end user had asked - but now he is asking to search the weather forecast cities by himself.

The ideal would be more possible cities to appear when the end user is typing the city name and he would be able to select one of them. For example:

Athens, GA United States
Athens, TX United States
Athens, OH United States
Athens, AL United States
Athens, IL United States

I can think of using _LIST _feature with dynamic data but I don’t know if it is possible for my case.
I'm using an MD1002 with NX master.

Any ideas please ?



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    ListView has a built in filter/search feature that works well.

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    ListView has a good search feature but where will it be retrieving the cities data from ?

    Is there such a data base that we can request from ?

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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,736

    It sure looks like you want to reinvent an app in code. Wouldn't launching a weather app of choice be a better use of time and better (sustainable) result?

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    Of course it would be better but how can a weather app be launched on an MD1002 panel ?

    The related app is not working for those panels any more...

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    Does anyone of you know if there is a data base or a file or anything which contains the worldwide cities ( at least the most of them ) ?

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    banobano Posts: 173

    This method is pretty simple and you don't even need a controller to use it, just as long as you have an internet connection to the panel.

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