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Middle Atlantic RackLink

I'm having issues with the old Middle Atlantic RackLink Duet module.
I can't get it to connect to the device. I have double checked the password. The module is old so I am assuming it should work since I dont recall M.A. changing their protocol.
Anyone have any ideas?


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    is the module even starting, does it come up with a device in the 41000 range?
    If the module starts, send the command DEBUG-4 to the module, to get all debug diagnostics.

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    There's a dr1_0_0.jar (module version 1.0.0) and dr1_0_5.jar (module version 1.0.5) on the website.

    https://developer.amx.com/#!/searchresult?Manufacturer=Middle Atlantic&Model=RackLink

    The different dr (Device Revision) is usually an indication of an API or protocol change at the device.

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    Thanks for all the answers. The issue ended up being something either with the network or the device.
    I can only control it if it is set to DHCP. The IT dept is looking into it on their side.

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