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It is very nice product.I think the product doesn't have very usefull tempates for next devices:
1. Reciever.
2.Music Server.
3.Video Server.
4.Video conference.


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    As those of you that have played with PanelBuilder can probably guess, the devices included in the AMX-designed templates represent a sub-set of devices and controls for those devices that we felt could be considered "generic" in nature. That is, we can pretty much expect that all single-disc DVD players are similar in function, and that they all have a "play" mechanism.

    Certain devices were intentionally not included in the AMX templates because either they were considered uncommon enough, or too custom to abstract (as was the case with Video Conferencing).

    By no means do we consider the list of devices set in stone. So feel free to make suggestions as to what you might like to see added in the future, or be bolder still and import our templates into TPDesign4 2.3 and add the "missing" devices yourself.
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