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Feedback value from DSP symetrix to touch

My system have: controller NX2200; Touch MD702; DSP Symetrix
I controlled increase/decrease/mute volume on DSP from NX2200
However, I don't get the volume feedback on the DSP back to the NX2200, and display that value on the Touch.
Example: Gain 1 ( On DSP)= 80%, I want to display that value on Touch
Please help me with this problem


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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,736

    You can struggle to get the DSP to tell you it did what you told it to do, or you can tell the DSP what to do and the Touch Panel what to show at the same time from code. If the DSP isn't responding, you'll know, it won't matter that the Panel shows what you wanted instead of what you got.

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    NgoHungNgoHung Posts: 2

    I don't know how to get feedback from DSP back to AMX to display to Touch.
    Can you share any demo code?
    because I just started learning about AMX

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    richardhermanrichardherman Posts: 391

    The point John was trying to make: Don't get volume feedback from your dsp...

    I'll quote him from an earlier post :


    A side note to consider.
    Many programmers go through great pains and many lines of code to detect volume levels to display on a panel.
    More often than not, the device is behind rack doors in another room, never to be touched during normal operation, the volume set commands being sent exclusively by the NetLinx. So the flow is:
    1. System tells volume to go to 49.
    2. Device goes to 49.
    3. System asks device what the volume is.
    4. Device says 49.
    5. System parses and sends 49 to the touch panel bar graph and/or label.
    6. Panel shows the 49.

    1. System tells volume to go to 49, and simultaneously tells touch panel to show 49.

    Point being, why jump through hoops asking the device what you just told it to do? If it doesn't in fact do it, it's not likely to succeed in telling you either. And you'd notice the fail by your ears before reading the panel. Another upside - the panel changing when the command is issued demonstrates that the panel isn't offline, didn't miss the touch, and that the NetLinx program is operating, items you'd need to individually troubleshoot otherwise.

    This of course isn't practical if people are operating the device by manual or other non-NetLinx-controlled means, and/or you need to see the actual value from a different location than where the sound is heard. But seriously, consider the likelyhood of your volume reporting code resulting in a significant difference in the real world, compared to setting the panel and the device at the same time.

    You may now scowl at the impurity of such a suggestion.

    In this post:


    There are also a few suggestions

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