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Can i use Zoom room controller to control lights / blinds via the NX1200

Hi, Very new to AMX so im apologies now if i ask any silly questions. So the company i work for has Zoom room setup and also AMX NX1200 in the rooms for controlling blinds / lights via an IPAD on the wall using TPControl. Currently i have no access to the programming code nor the TPControl account for tokens. My question is can i still configure the Zoom third party device control via json without access to the programming on the 1200. If so what would be the best approach


  • HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Posts: 598

    In short - no.

    You have a programmed system that is a time capsule of the features required of it at the time of commissioning. YES, Zoom offers 3rd party integrations via their Admin console, and you can feed it bits from a JSON configuration. AMX offers a Zoom Builder utility to craft the JSON for you in cases where you are using our open API products. A NX1200 is not an open API product. You need to update the code to provide instruction/guidance on what strings you are going to send it from Zoom, and then what the NX1200 should do with those strings once you receive them.

    If it was a conversation between people, it would look like this -
    "Person 1 - "Hey Person2, I am going to tell you things, and when I say special things, you will do things. For instance, if I say 'Raise the Shades' you are going to trigger that function"

    You can configure your Zoom Admin console via JSON to send your NX1200 messages BUT unless you update the code on the NX1200, it is not going to know what to do with that new trigger event.

    IF YOU KNEW what was in the code, you could potentially get some things working via telnet but you need to know some important details about the code to reference and trigger actions.

  • HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Posts: 598

    To further add to this, you mentioned TPControl and ZoomRoom controls. Are you using both at the same time? Are there buttons on the panel file that perform the tasks you are seeking? If so, we need could determine the touch panel button ids and then use that via telnet from zoom.

    If we know your touchpanel device id (ex. 10001) and button number (ex. 57) is the Shade Up button, we could trigger this in telnet with the command

    pulse [10001:1:1,57]

    If the panel is online, this command would work. There is much TBD here, but there is a small chance you could get it going.

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