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SRC oddity

I downloaded an src file from an adopted orphan controller. When I extracted the src file some of the include files were missing and of course I got compiler errors. Never had this happen. Any suggestions, comments etc? Thanks in advance.


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    Marc ScheibeinMarc Scheibein Posts: 817
    edited June 2023

    checked it... I simply added an "test.axi" include file with just a compiler warning, to see if it is used.
    I added the call for the test.axi just in the main file, not adding the test.axi to the workspace.
    Compiling works fine.

    Then I extracted the .src of the compile above into a new folder - the text.axi was not in the src!

    So in your case, I think the Includes used for compiling (and so to create the src) were not linked into the workspace, or saved in the directories that can be defined in the preferences for the compiler settings. I think the missing include files were present in the previous programmer's working folder and so the compiler found them, but they were not linked into the workspace or were in the directories set in the preferences.

    This theory would be confirmed also because the NetLinx.axi always is included in the src, because the NetLinx.axi is in the "includes" folder set in the compiler preferences. It is never actively included by a manual include call.

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