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Connect NXI (NXC-ME) to Netlinx Studio

I've just recieved a second hand NXI controller with an NXC-ME card, I'm trying to connect this to my laptop to be able to put a programme on it, but I can't seem to get it to speak to Netlinx Studio 4.

I'm fairly new to all of this but I've tried everything I'd have thought to work...
I've connected the Ethernet port Directly to the laptop, Ive tried putting through a switch, and a router with DHCP. In Netlinx Studio I've then searched for master Controllers, but nothing seems to show.

Can anyone advise where I may be going wrong?


  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,727
    edited June 2023

    On possible error is that you are spending time on a 30 year old slow and memory limited device with nearly no value. NI series units are regularly available for $20 and are far more capable, and are at most 20 years old.

  • in general studio should be capable to connect to a NXI. It does well for me at home. But if the NXI is set to an IP unknown IP range, it would be required to connect serially to the NXI, baudrate is normally 38400, but may be checked for the dipswitches. Use e.g. a USB-RS232 dongle, I recommend one that uses a FTDI chip.

  • Duncan EllisDuncan Ellis Posts: 154

    I still have one running as a slave in my system...and yes it just connects like normal. Mine is connected over IP

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