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XPress digital signage software/ SPX-1300

I have an SPX-1300 I'd like to deploy. Unfortunately...I cannot figure out how to load content on it.

Is the only way to load content via the Inspired Signage software? If so, can anyone provide a product key for activation? The link is dead, and being a discontinued product I don't even know how I would get a key from AMX? But realistically, if this is the only way to load content, it's already a deal breaker for me.

I have a USB drive connected and formatted, but realistically the only way this thing would be useful to me is if I could load/update content remotely.


  • HARMAN_RobHARMAN_Rob Posts: 230
    edited July 2023

    The XPress signage software did allow you to create & load content to your signage players on the network.

    It was discontinued long ago and is no longer supported. That said, it is available for download on AMX.com here:


  • For existing licences, a new key still can be recreated by Tech Support, there you need the licence code and the MAC address of the PC the software should run on.

    Don't know if they have spare new licence codes. Contact TS directly.

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