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Projected Blue Tined Screen

Hello all. I had an issue pop up with our AMX 2210HD-T Switcher the other day and need some wisdom please. We use it in line with a PC generally going to to a Panasonic PT-DX800US Projector. A client used a Mac Powerbook and when they switched over from our desktop PC to the Mac, there was a blue tint to the screen. When they switched back to the PC the tint was gone. I did a test of this yesterday and used a PC laptop and a Mac Powerbook. Same thing happened. I swapped out the HDMI cables and that did not affect anything. The only resolve was to turn the switcher off and restart it. That fixed the issue, but that still does not answer the question as to why this happened? Is there anyone that has experienced the same thing, and if so, how did you correct it? Thanks for your help and I appreciate any support you can give. All the best, RJ.


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    Marc ScheibeinMarc Scheibein Posts: 823
    edited June 2023

    The Archive thread normally is just for old threads from the early forum, not for new requests :)

    The effect you describe may be caused by the EDID, which may go to YPbBr colorspace with a Mac, though the Mac is using RGB colorspace. This is a known issue.

    Solution is to load an edid that only offers RGB colorspace.
    The attached archive has an edid file which is the normal AMX "All HD Resolutions" edid, but with RGB colorspace only. Load this edid (you my have to rename it from .bin to .edid) as custom edid to the affected input(s) of your DVX.

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