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Factory reset NXT-CV7

I have just the one unit, as a test unit. I know it's old, but.
Normally when I hold the main button for 3 seconds it enters the setup utility - I changed/toggled a setting today, and it no longer opens the setup utility. It seems to have pretty much no application running, it's just a clock. Am i on the right track if I install the configiuration AMX-Enable program? and try make a USB connection to the panel as a way of getting back into the setup.

All I really want to do is configure the IP address for static IP, but I can no longer do this as I cannot get into setup. Holding the button for 6 seconds also does not get me to the calibrate screen.

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    HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Posts: 598
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    AMX nAble is not the tool for the job. Do you know the current IP? If so, you can telnet into the device and issue commands to get where you want to go. You can also power cycle the device and press the center of the screen on boot. Hold it, and it will cycle through options like Setup and Calibrate


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    ConradbConradb Posts: 4

    Thanks Chris.
    I started reading all the guides and found that holding the center of screen and power cycling got me into the setup. I have used my network router to find the IP, but it is not allowing telnet connections. When in the system settings the "telnet" button is Cyan, and the "Front button setup access" is also Cyan, so I'm assuming those will respectively let me make a telnet connection and hold the button 3 seconds for enter setup.... Oh, if I click "reboot" the main button now seems to get me into setup.

    But still no network connections being accepted on port 22 nor on port 5900. It is in DHCP mode still and responds to a ping request, but my goal is to connect to the telnet and the VNC port, which are not responding. Should I just tap "reset system settings"?

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    ConradbConradb Posts: 4
    edited June 2023

    OK, it had been left unpowered for a long time. Resetting settings seems to have done the magic. The "device number" is now back to 0, it was set to 10001 for some reason, so some settings another person set up or just settings corruption may have been my pain. Oh, also Telnet is port 23, also helps if I use the right port!

    I'm feeling smarter now.

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    If your talking about the 'device number' of the touchpanel, it should not be 0, that's the device number used for the master (controller). 10001 is a perfectly good device number for a touchpanel, it's what I would call the 'default'. So whatever the problem is/was, that wasn't it.

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    ConradbConradb Posts: 4

    That's also helpful Richard, I'm new to looking after this box, so have not read the entire manual. Also, brilliant documentation you folk have, been a great experience.

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