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Using a Duet or XDD driver with a Global Cache device

I apologize if this has been discussed or if I am missing something obvious but how would I go about setting up my virtual devices for a Global Cache, or similar TCP to Serial device, and have a duet or xdd driver communicate through the vGC?


  • HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Posts: 598

    Mark, this is going to be challenge. Does the device speak the same protocol for serial and IP? If yes, can you point it at your GC port and that device simply pass IN and OUT traffic?

    We have solved for this with the new UCE-COM2 by pointing your duet/xdd to the UCE duet module, but outside of this combo, you will need to look into writing something yourself. The key to success here is a code reflection tool called translate device. At this time, I cannot find additional info to aid you in this quest but will keep looking around.

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