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Content player with RS232/IP

Dear All,

I'm looking for a player which has the content stored in an SD card or USB, etc.
I do need the player to be controlled over RS232 or IP and provide the status for the playing content especially if it has reached at the end.
This is for a Museum where I should switch on/off or dim the lighting zones depending on what exhibit is currently described.
I thought of a BrightSign player but is seems complicated enough without the ability to provide the status.

Any suggestions please?



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    Tricky... we searched for a similar player for a demonstration rack, for a reasonable price.

    First tried Denon Professional DN-350UI when I remember correctly, but found that this unit has no control option, except IR.

    Then we took the Sirus MP2: https://www.thomann.de/de/sirus_mp2.htm Not the best solution, but because we were under time pressure, at least it has hand remote control emulation by RS232 instead, instead of using IR. It has no feedbacks, but for the application we needed it, it was good.

    You may check the Denon N-700B...

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    Marc, just to make clear that I need a VIDEO player not only AUDIO...

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    ah, ok :) Then maybe it is the Denon DN-500BD MKII, or Tascam BD-MP4K. The Tascam seems also to have ability to access NAS drives, has RS232 and IP control. https://www.tascam.eu/en/docs/BD-MP4K_RS232C_Ethernet_Protocol_v100.pdf In good old times, in the Programming trainings we used the Tascam DVD playser, which had a solid protocol.

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    You CAN use a Brightsign player and get feedback, it's just not very 'plug & play'. I've done it years ago for a museum, but cannot remember details.
    Basically (and in so far as I remember) it involved adding variables in brightauthor playlist that change value when starting and stopping content. There are special items you can add to the playlist for that. I used a script I found online called 'GetVar' to read the state of these vars. It opened up a (UDP) port for AMX to read the state of these vars, in my case 'ShowStarted' and 'ShowStopped'. This is all from memory, I no longer have access to the files.
    If you use Google you can probably come up with something, just be prepared to dig in and do some work. If it's a one-time-thing maybe it's not worth it.

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    Sorry it's late, but look at Alcorn McBride.

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