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What is the difference between a NXR-ZGW and NXR-ZGW-PRO. Is it just a firmware upgrade or is it different hardware?


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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,734

    (found in seconds on GOOGLE....)

    The ZigBee Pro Gateway enhances the original ZigBee Gateway, which allows Mio Modero R-4 and R-3 Remotes the ability to wirelessly communicate with NetLinx Controllers and control connected system devices. ZigBee Pro is an ideal solution for retrofit projects where control wires cannot be run and for installations such as Government or Bank Buildings, where 802.11 security concerns prevent it from being used. ZigBee Pro Repeaters are also available to extend ZigBee coverage throughout a building.


    ◆ Improved Range and Greater Roaming Distance - ZigBee Pro Gateways feature 6dB of improved sensitivity which translates to up to 65 additional feet of range (actual performance can vary based on the environment).

    ◆ Supports Third Party Devices – While Mio R-3 and R-4 Remotes are currently the only AMX-supported ZigBee Pro devices, the ZigBee Pro Gateway will be able to communicate with third party ZigBee Pro devices in the future.

    ◆ Encrypted for Security - All wireless communications on ZigBee Pro are encrypted, further protecting user data and ZigBee Pro utilizes the 802.15.4 protocol, offering an alternative to 802.11.

    ◆ Onboard Diagnostic Tool With Signal Strength - A convenient diagnostic tool is included which can display signal strength and latency directly on Mio R-4s and R-3s to assist with installation and troubleshooting to determine the best location for Gateways and Repeaters.

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    Hi John.
    Thank you for the information, from this it does sound like they are indeed different hardware and I know from my one research that PRO and non PRO are not compatible so can not be used together.

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    After further information from Harman I can now confirm that they are different hardware and the PRO version hardware has additional features that make it a more reliable and superior device. However the non PRO devices can be upgraded with firmware to enable them to work with other PRO version devices.

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