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Custom iPhone Resolution for TP Design 5?

I'm trying to create the resolution for the app but the resolutions are a bit off since the iPhone comes with the notch so it messes up the typical resolutions. For example, the most used iPhone right now is the iPhone 11, which has a resolution of 828 x1792 px when held vertically, but in TP Design 5 the closest resolution is 800 x 1280, which would leave a lot of vertical room empty. Is there any external tool that allows for custom resolution or something that's made for newer iPhones?


  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,733
    edited August 2023

    Are you aware that TPControl has a setting for STRETCH vs SCALE? With a click, it will fill the screen. At the resolutions you mention, the graphics will be taller than they should be but likely to be satisfactory. Or choose a better proportioned project resolution and let it stretch as much as it requires.

    You CAN manually edit the PIF files inside TPD4 (I've done it to make a 2 inch square Android WATCH project), probably also in TPD5 though I've not tried there. Problem is the definition files are quite odd and don't always give you what you expect... trial and error. And error. Enough to make the taller graphics look better and better....

  • Thanks John you a g

  • you can also modify the PIF file of TPDesign5. C:\Users\All Users\AMX\G5SupportFiles\PPFs
    It's much easier in TP5, because you don't have any graphical templates for external buttons, etc.

    If you modify, I would recommend to do a backup of the original pff.xml.
    The tp5 file with a modified resolution can only opened again only if the pff.xml contains that cuastom resolution. So if you want to open the tp5 file again on another computer, the pff.xml on that second computer must also contain that resolution.

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