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DXLink RX 4K

Hi All, I have a DX Link RX 4K and the device is just outputting a colourbar test pattern. I have logged into the DGX and cannot see the device listed, and its bound to the DGX inside netlinx studio. DIP switches 1 and 3 are on, the others are off. I have tried factory resetting. Any idea why I can't route a signal to it or even control it from the DGX interface page?


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    I never had a case where a RX would be hang in testpattern even after factory reset.
    Just to make sure... RX factory reset done by unpower, push and hold ID button, power it on while still holding ID, wait until all LEDs begin to blink in a 1 second pattern (for about 10 seconds), and when pattern speeds up, release ID ?

    What firmware versions do the RX and the DGX have?

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